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Late Breaking News

Reconsidering the Gospel of the New Testament

Could it be that the core message of Jesus and the writers of the New Testament isn't what's usually preached and taught as "the gospel?" As this book asserts, "Christianity as commonly promoted and practiced often bears little or no resemblance to the faith of the Messiah-people of the New Testament." How did that happen, and what does Scripture actually present as the "late breaking news" of the gospel? The author's conclusions in Late Breaking News may surprise and even annoy you. But if you're open to looking at the Scriptures from a new angle, you may find some of his suggestions food for thought.

25,000 words, published by Laudemont Press. ISBN 978-1-884454-09-7.

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Dr. Richard Leonard, Author
Dr. Richard Leonard, Author

New America: A Novel

“If you save someone's life, they belong to you forever.”

Russia might want its territory back. Should New America, the fledgling Christian nation on Siberia's east coast, pursue a defense treaty with its decadent mother country? Sent to the United States on a mission for a New American presidential candidate, a young lawyer grapples with a dilemma. A woman whose life as an abortion survivor is endangered by the Fugitive Fetus Law appeals for his help. There's only one way he can rescue her, and that way will jeopardize his relationship with his New American girlfriend.

79,000 words, published by Lampstand Books. ISBN 978-1-884454-58-5.

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New America: A Novel - Click to read excerpt.

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