These words are a modern paraphrase of Psalm 97, with Gloria Patri as the final stanza. The stanzas are in Common Meter; a suggested hymn tune is St. Anne.

The Lord Is King! (Psalm 97)

The Lord is King! The cry goes forth
With joyful ecstasies.
His adoration fills the earth,
His worship spans the seas.

From mystery of clouded sky,
From awesome fire and light
He governs all in majesty,
With justice and with right.

The land is stirred, the mountains melt,
The heav’ns his virtue own;
His presence have all peoples felt,
All folk his glory known.

Ashamed be those who rest content
To serve a lesser god.
To One Alone they must present
All honor, praise, and laud.

Your judgments make your people sing;
All Zion shouts for joy
Confessing you, our Lord and King,
Are truly God Most High!

You cause Your godly one to stand,
Who from all evil flees,
And save him from the grasping hand
Of wicked enemies.

In light and gladness we go forth
God’s heritage to claim:
A righteous life, ascribing worth
Unto His holy name.

To God the Father and the Son
Whom angel hosts adore,
And to the Spirit, with them One,
Be glory evermore. Amen.