Philip the Evangelist

I tried, but I didn’t always succeed.
I thought that magician guy, Simon, really saw the light
when I explained to him who You were.
He stuck around for a while,
but Peter saw through him —
he was only in it for what he could get out of it.
I had better results with that Ethiopian.
I had to run pretty fast
to keep up with his chariot.
But the man was searching.
He had his Bible open already —
he couldn’t wait to get baptized!
On second thought, I guess I can’t take credit for him,
nor the blame because that Simon fellow didn’t pan out.
It wasn’t I, anyway, Lord;
it was Your Holy Spirit,
and whether the people I spoke to
really opened themselves to Him.
I just happened to be the one
who told them about You.
Though, I have to admit,
my wife and I must have done something right
if our four daughters caught the vision
and prophesied whatever You told them.