Except Sam

Annabelle is charming, so,
And Albert’s very gracious.
All my friends are nice to know
     Except Sam, he’s not very good company at all.

Kay got straight A’s from the start,
And Bill’s quite intellectual.
All my friends are very smart
     Except Sam, he’s so stupid he can’t even add two
     plus two.

Alice plays a silver flute,
And Wilfred blows the oboe.
All my friends on woodwinds toot
     Except Sam, he’s a trumpeter and a lousy one
     at that.

Gregory thinks ham’s a treat,
And Sally likes roast beef.
All my friends like good, fresh meat
     Except Sam, he won’t eat anything but peanuts.

Joan and Pat are lovely creatures,
And George is quite good-looking.
All my friends have handsome features
     Except Sam, he has big ears and a long nose.

These are the important things,
But I must add one more:
All my friends are human beings
     Except Sam, he’s an elephant.