I hear You, Lord.
I hear You calling me —
telling me to pull up stakes,
fold my tents, pack it all up and move on.
I hear You
asking me to go somewhere
I don’t even know,
expecting You to give directions
only after I’ve started out.
I hear You,
but do I dare to listen?
Can I let everything go,
everything I’ve worked for,
everything I’ve built here?
Can I leave it all behind and have nothing
except what You give me as I go along?
We have an agreement, You said.
Is that enough to go on?
If I follow You, if I trust You,
You’ll do good things for other people
using me as Your agent.
You’ll bring them back to Yourself
when they’ve turned away
because I’ve obeyed You
and shown them who You are.
That’s our agreement —
can I really hold You to it?
And do You trust me to keep it?
I hear You, Lord,
I hear You calling me.
The next step is mine.
Is Your word enough to stand on?
It must be, because You are who You are.
And because You’ve called me
I’m who I am.
I hear You, Lord.