Teddy Bears in Heaven

My Mommy has me say this prayer
At bedtime, when I’m kneeling there —
“If I should die before I wake,
I pray the Lord my soul to take.”
If Jesus wants my life to end
I’ll go to heaven with my Friend,
But if my soul is all I bring
I won’t have toys, or anything.
If I can’t take some other stuff
My time in heaven could be tough.
My doggie likes to run and play
And we’d have fun there every day,
But Daddy says that doggies go
To someplace else, not heaven, though.
So if my doggie can’t go there,
Then what about my Teddy Bear?
I see his stuffing’s popping out,
And that would be his soul, no doubt.
If Jesus takes our souls tonight,
Then Teddy’s ready for his flight.
I’ll miss my Mommy and my Dad,
my dog, and all the friends I’ve had,
But Jesus’ love will comfort me,
and Teddy, too — just wait and see!